* I was looking for something to get my little girls interested in at a young age that would benefit them socially and be fun. I didn't expect for them to fall in love with dancing like they have! They light up when they see their dance uniforms every Tuesday and the entire drive to class they don't stop saying "We see Kelsey and Lydia!?". Their development from starting at just 18 months and ending their first year of dance as 2yr olds has made me and my husband insanely proud as a parents. Thanks so much ladies! We can't wait for this year to start!
~ Rebecca Heslop

* Thank you so much for a fantastic year the joy the kids get out of dancing is more than we could have hoped for......and a huge thank you to Miss Kelsey and Miss Lydia for all their hard work and dedication, Kayella absolutely adore you both and can't wait to get back into dancing next year ~ Katie Evans

* Chloe has done so well and has benefited so much from tiny diamonds both physically and socially. Absolutely loves Miss Kelsey and miss Lydia. Chloe says she wants to keep doing it next year and I am keen also to do it all again. Thank you for all your hard work. Bring on 2015
~ Tara Hennessy

* My daughter absolutely loves TDD. She gets so excited when she is getting ready for dancing and cant wait to see Miss Kelsey and Miss Lydia. She has become much more confident in herself, making new friends and loves showing off her new moves. I cant recommend them highly enough
~ Kelly Wells

* My daughter loves being a part of TDD and adores her teacher Miss Kelsey. Looking forward to another year with TDD.
~ Sanna Hutchinson

* Amazing company and awesome staff. My twin girls absolutely love going to dance every week and seeing Miss Kelsey and Miss Lydia. They've been going since they were 18 months old and is an amazing social environment to get kids into early! And EOD is the best dance company you will find I think.
~ Reece Heslop 

* We love tiny diamonds it is a great environment, my girls love going. They have learnt so much and have allot of fun doing it. The teachers are so caring and have built such a good relationship with the students already. I would recommand TDD to any parent looking for a fun activity for their child. My daughters sleep with their uniforms sometimes they love it that much!
~ Anonymous 

* I have never seen a dance school more dedicated or determined. From the seniors right down to the tinytots every one of you has such passion and talent. Keep up the great work.
 ~ Amy Gorsch

*I got my 5 year old to come alone with her friend, for something to do.
My daughter had behavior problems, Kayla has only been to Tiny Diamonds for a team it has made so much difference to her as a person she is so well behaved and just loves the dancing.
Doing the concert was such a big deal to her her loved showing everyone what she had learnt and getting up there all dressed up was such a big thing for little kid.
I would really recommend Tiny Diamonds for the children its such a good thing to get into and they have some much fun, and learn so meany things.
~ Rochelle Collins